Last year I didn’t have time to taught git fundamentals to my students. Some former students have pointed out that git was something that was demanded in almost every job offer they wanted to apply.

Futhermore, many of the actual students suggested that it would be a great idea to take some time learning the basics of git.

So this year I have spent some time creating a couple of base projects on github they could work on.

  1. The first one is a Mineseeker alike game. It was useful to understand repositories and basic GitHub workflow (and of course get hans on Java Swing).

  2. A colaborative programmed PAINT. This project goes further with the git flow. It starts off with a base created by me. The base has the following structure:

Base Project

  • Students have to work in groups. A member of the gruop is going to fork the main repository and add the other members as colaborators. Then they decide which painting tool they want to implement. This is accorded by an issue in the main repository.

  • As they progress they will change the project.

  • Finally they will have to present their changes and add a Pull Request to my repository. I will accept those pull request. Of course they will merge my own repository with theirs to solve conflicts before any pull request.